easy and new for mini and major projects

hi sir could you please send me an easy and new projects for mini and major projects that are easy to understand and to explain so that our college would accept it send three for mini and three for major thanks and regards

  • Student
  • 28 Jan 2018

assistance on data compression and encryption using colors


I wanted some assistance with data compression and encryption using colors.

coding of data compression and encryption using colors and we ve to 1st give d algorithm name too on which our project is based. using Huffman is already done earlier in our college so they r going to reject it is there any other method of the same project???

please reply as soon as possible

  • chramana
  • 28 Jan 2018

BCA main Project ASP.net and SQL server 2008

I would like to do a project as my main project in the course BCA. I would like to do the project which manages all the showrooms and all the authorized service centers under a car company such as Maruti, Toyota etc.

The project should be in ASP.net and SQL server 2008 as the backend. Could you please help me with this?

  • Sunay
  • 25 Jan 2018

gsm based distribution transformer monitoring system project circuit diagram

Hai sir my name is Kiran

sir I studying for the b.tech final electrical department.Sir, I want gsm based distribution transformer monitoring system project circuit diagram, sir. because final year in this project will be submitted to my college.so please send me circuit diagram sir.I request for this small help for me sir

  • Kiran Teja
  • 24 Jan 2018

Project on Android Food App Development

Developing an Android app for food! So the motto of our project is to get the recipes for the ingredients available in our homes! So we will be choosing the ingredients available at our homes using checkboxes and upon submit, button recipes based on that ingredients will be popping up! Another feature can be added by providing a YouTube link where people find it easy by watching videos!.

I wanted to know how much it cost the fees, as I have already gone through other areas for project and they said me the fees for my project 

now when I got to know about your plans for completing my project was quite impressive but as a student I should also make sure about the cost and expenses for it whether I could bear the amount fees or not.

I hope u consider the fee cost affordable for me.

and I will give all my contribution needed for it.

  • Rohan
  • 23 Jan 2018

Request For Hadoop Project Abstract

Dear Sir,

Currently, i'm learning Hadoop, I'm looking to do some project.

For this, i need your help.

Please send me some project abstracts which will cover the Hadoop ecosystem components.


Awaiting for your reply



  • vijay
  • 23 Jan 2018

Speed control of Brushless DC motor using PI control, Fuzzy Control and Fuzzy PI control

I am making a project on speed control of Brushless DC motor using PI control, Fuzzy Control and Fuzzy PI control,  I have made simulations but has following problems can you please help with it.

I provide you the base and the simulations that I have made but is unable to sort the following problems in them.

1) Fuzzy- PI controller is supposed to initially follow fuzzy controllers output and then after sudden loading PI controllers output.(For No Load Fuzzy + For Sudden load PI)

2) The combined output of all the three controllers simultaneously is to be presented in one scope I tried it using MUX & a Scope but the output becomes a bit different it's not like in base paper it is not happening.

3) A fuzzy controller is not producing a smooth rise to the final operation point like shown in the base paper.There are overshoots in the output of Fuzzy and Fuzzy-PI.

4) A Proper procedure for selecting values of Kp and Integral in PI control along with calculation and values of these terms

For any changes made they shall be equally applied for both simulations i.e if any PI parameter is changed it shall be changed in PI and Fuzzy -PI and same for Fuzzy also.

Kindly go through these things and please please reply at the earliest.

If possible please give an idea that would be incurred for doing these changes at the earliest

Do anyone deal with hardware problems also?

  • RaviKumar
  • 22 Jan 2018

online policy issuance of only vehicles

To create a Policy Issuance Portal for customers with an authenticate login system, form filling and database update.


·         Registered Customers.


·         Only registered users can access the portal.

·         User can alter his/her details in the record.

·         Details undergo validation.

·         Custom Policy details are displayed to the user.


·         Login to customer/user.

·         Policy details Form.

Technology Used:

·         Microsoft Visual Studio

·         ASP.NET

·         Microsoft C#

·         Oracle Database

·         PLSQL

  • vidhat
  • 22 Jan 2018

Distributed Systems Project


I am looking for a distributed systems project. I have the following topics. could you please check and let me know if someting is available.

  1. Develop New Data Placement Algorithms
  2. Develop New Data Replication Schemes
  3. Energy-Saving Hard Disk Based Storage Systems
  4. Disk Failure Analysis and Reliability Estimation
  5. Integrating NAND Flash Based Solid State Disks (SSD) into Server-Class Storage Systems
  6. Security-Aware Real-Time Scheduling
  7. Energy-Efficient Task Allocation
  8. Grid Computing
  9. Study the Performance of Distributed File Systems
  10. Evaluate the Performance of Peer-to-Peer Systems
  11. Study Fault-Tolerant Algorithms for Distributed Systems

  • Murali
  • 20 Jan 2018

Smart Voting System PHP Project

Smart Voting System PHP Website & Android App is an interesting project. I need to work on it for my project can u please share source code and documentation for the application purpose. Waiting for your earliest reply

  • Mayur
  • 20 Jan 2018

Probability Tutor Package

A university lecturer, with limited computing skills, is in need of software to supplement the lectures he gives on introductory probability. He wants the software to enhance the students understanding of probability through demonstrations and tests involving some standard problems.

In addition, students should be able to enter data and find solutions to tutorial problems that involve probabilities being determined from tables or probability trees. The role of this lecturer will be assumed by the supervisor.

  • jeevan
  • 19 Jan 2018

Travel Experience Sharing Web Site

Traveling is fun if you enjoy seeing new places. To effectively enjoy a trip, people usually have to do some research before departure in order to know more about the place they are visiting. Nothing is more useful than getting comments and tips from people who have been there. Thus a website that allows people to share their traveling experience is a useful resource for many travelers.

  • Avinash
  • 18 Jan 2018

Smart Tendering Android App

Smart Tendering is conducting the traditional bidding process using smartphones (Android) with the help of internet access. The offers are posted by companies that are in demand for the goods.

This mainly contains an administrator, user, and provider. Through the use of the smart bidding system, users of participating companies will increase withdrawals according to the requirement, approve cutbacks, create bids, approve the bid, and publish bids online using smartphones (Android). Using Smart Tendering, the administrator, in turn, will create pranks, approve cutbacks, sell offers, receive offers, create and publish offers, and also include a variety of techniques that are quotes, auctions, and reverse auctions.

The administrator is using the site (PHP) section to perform the features. Providers will then receive notifications of relevant offers, submit offers online using their smartphone (Android), and track the status of their offerings. Users who have registered as this system providers will receive a bid notification, bidding. The system will automatically evaluate vendor offerings and guide the user to select the appropriate provider.

The technology used is.

• Android-XML, Java (Design & Coding)

• MySQL (Data Base)


  • Raghu
  • 17 Jan 2018

Pet Parlour Android App


Can you guys design an application for me, let's say it's a "Pet Parlour". In the main activity screen of this application it should display a text view that says, "welcome to the doggy parlour". Under there should be an image view showing a pet details, then at the bottom 2 buttons, first one should say, "SEE ALL DOGS" the second, "BOOK A VISIT".

When you click see all pets button, it should display a fragment that extracts string array, displays name of the pet, the age and the kind of breed in a list view, when you select a pet of your choice another fragment should be called that displays the information of the pet and at the bottom shows the status of the pet, whether it has been booked or not.

When you press the book a visit button, it should take to another another activity, where you will specify the name of the pet, the breed and the age then click the "SUBMIT BOOKING" button.

I would really appreciate that.

Thank you.

  • shivsand
  • 05 May 2018

Data Mining Project Description

Hello, hi

Below is the project description:

I have a weather data with 16 different weather parameters that are collected for one year. An OLAP algorithm has to be applied to the data to perform data mining on it. A web application has to be created which has two drop downs to select the start date and end date, the application must also include a drop down to select weather parameter from one of the above 16 parameters. The user needs to select a valid start date and end date with a valid weather parameter. Once after the user selects data, the application needs to fetch the data mined data of the given period of time and generate a graph which represents time range on x axis and weather data on y-axis.

For example, If I select start date as Jan 1st, 2018, end date as Jan 15, 2018, with temperature as a weather parameter, Application has to provide a graph for Temperature Vs provided time range.


This is the overall description for the project, I can provide you data and the code which I started writing. It might be helpful for you to start. I can provide you any other required information about the project either on call or by email. Please let me know if you need any further information.

Thank a lot in advance :)

pls, give me reply ASAP.

  • Ravi
  • 13 Jan 2018

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