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Below is the project description:

I have a weather data with 16 different weather parameters that are collected for one year. An OLAP algorithm has to be applied to the data to perform data mining on it. A web application has to be created which has two drop downs to select the start date and end date, the application must also include a drop down to select weather parameter from one of the above 16 parameters. The user needs to select a valid start date and end date with a valid weather parameter. Once after the user selects data, the application needs to fetch the data mined data of the given period of time and generate a graph which represents time range on x axis and weather data on y-axis.

For example, If I select start date as Jan 1st, 2018, end date as Jan 15, 2018, with temperature as a weather parameter, Application has to provide a graph for Temperature Vs provided time range.


This is the overall description for the project, I can provide you data and the code which I started writing. It might be helpful for you to start. I can provide you any other required information about the project either on call or by email. Please let me know if you need any further information.

Thank a lot in advance :)

pls, give me reply ASAP.

  • Ravi
  • 13 Jan 2018

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