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  • 13 Jan 2018
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Online Payment Service Java Project Abstract & Synopsis


The actual problem is to maintain the different database for an organization whose main purpose is to issue pay-slips for their employees every month working in various departments of the organization, and maintain details of all the departments, employees with various grades, their designations and address details.
In the manual system, it is difficult to maintain data and generating different reports according to requesting transaction. In the present system, it is becoming difficult to issue pay-slip for all the employee every month by manually going through the various record of the organization. i.e the manger have to go through all the records of the organization of various departments of the and find out the employee working in a particular department and go through his grade, and he has to check the employee leaves of  that month, his earnings and his deductions along with his pf and all other deduction including his IT and savings. So, to perform all these activities it is becoming difficult the admin/manager every month.
Hence in order to overcome the difficulties of the organization the present system is automated to perform all the activities of the organization.
Proposed system:
The proposed system is designed to automate all the functionalities of the organization. The payroll system is designed with two main modules, they are:-
•    Registrations 
•    Reports
The Registration module will again consist of various submodules:
•    Employee Master
•    Deductions Master
•    Department Master
•    Designation Master
•    Grade master
The Report module again consists of various submodules:
They are:
•    Employee Report 
•    Grade wise Report
•    Department wise Report 
•    Designation wise Report
•    Payroll Report/Pay-slip Report

Registration module:
    The Registration module mainly concentrates on the recruiting process, 
Employee Master:
The employee master is responsible for interring details of employees working in the organization along with their personal details like name , date of birth, date of joining. 
The employee master will also be responsible for selecting the employee in one of the existing department along with his grade, designation of the employee in that particular department, and also includes the PF number of the employee with his leaves details of that particular month.
Deductions Master:
    The deductions master is responsible for assigning the deductions of a particular employee for that particular month. The deductions master will insert all the deductions of particular employee for a particular month. Here the existing 
employee will be select to assign the deductions of a particular month.
Department Master:
    The department master will take care of creating a new department for the organization and allow manipulations on the existing departments in the organization.
Designation master:
    The designation master is responsible for creating new designations for a particular department in the organization and also allow to do manipulations on them.
Grade master: 
 The grade master is responsible for allocating new grades in a department of the organization.

Reports Module:
The reports module is mainly responsible for the generating the reports for the organization according to the user request and generating pay-slip for an employee working in the organization.

 Hardware Requirements:
The selection of hardware is very important in the existence and proper working of any software. In the selection of hardware, the size and the capacity requirements are also important.
•    Pentium processor         --------         233 MHZ or above
•    RAM Capacity              --------         128MB 
•    Hard Disk         --------          20GB
•    Floppy disk                 --------         1.44 MB 
•    CD-ROM Drive          --------           32 HZ
•    KEYBOARD              --------        108 Standard

 Software Requirements:
One of the most difficult tasks is that, the selection of the software, once system requirement is known is determining whether a particular software package fits the requirements. After initial selection further security is needed to determine the desirability of particular software compared with other candidates. This section first summarizes the application requirement question and then suggests more detailed comparisons.
•    Operating System                    --------            Windows 95/98/NT/2000
•    Browser                                   --------            IE
•    Web/Application Server          --------            Java Web Server2.0
•    Database Server                       --------            Oracle
•    Database Connectivity            --------            JDBC  
•    Other Tools & Technologies   --------            Java (JDK), Servlets (JSDK)

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Online Payment Service Abstract


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