ABC Courier Management System PHP Project

  • Vamshi Kiran
  • 13 Jul 2018
  • PHP

Download ABC Courier Management System PHP Project Abstract, Code, Database, UML Diagrams, Output Screens

This ABC Courier Management SYstem PHP application developed with PHP, Bootstrap, CSS, MySQL & HTML.

THe vision of this application is to provide simple and fast courier service application to the Courier management team.

Where Admin can login and can add & View Dealership Requests, add & View  Branch Address, add & View Consignment Details, Add Delivery details, Add Dispatches, add & View  Receiver details.

This project database details:

  1. Create a table admin with admin id, admin username, password, status.
  2. Create a table branch with branch id, dealer_name, branch address, phone number, branch_location, pincode, reqid, branch_name, branch_id.
  3. Create a table consignment with consignment  id, shippername, shipperasddress, phone, material_descrption, no_of_item, branch_id, booked_at_branch, branchlocation, date_of_booking, destination, shipment_charge, total_weight, corporate_id, reciver_name, reciver_address, reciver_phone, ccn, booking_id.
  4. Create a table corporate with corporate id, user_id, password, cname, address, c_code.
  5. Create a table deaer with deaer id, username, password.
  6. Create a table dearship_request with dearship_requestid, name, address, phone, applydate, amount, branch_location, office, pincode, reqid.
  7. Create a table delivery with delivery id, ccn, deliveryid, shippername, bookatbranch, deliveryedatbranch, dealername, dateofdelivery.
  8. Create a table dispatcher with dispatcher id, ccn, Branch_name, shipper_name, phone, sender_address, reciver_name, reciver_phoneno, reciver_ address, assignto, dispatcher_Id, dispatchid.
  9. Create a table employee with employee id, name, role, branchid, branch_name, branch_location, dateofjoin, salary, Empid.
  10. Create a table place_request with place_requestid, applicant_name, applicant_address, phoneno, date_of_apply, amountdeposited, branchLocation, office_Address, placeid, status, pincode.
  11. Create a table receiver with receiver id, ccn, receiver_name, reciverphoneno, Material, noofitem, dateofreceive, recivername, relation, Dispatchername, DispatcherID, receiver_id, BookedAt, status.
  12. Create a table testimonial with testimonial id, name, email, subject, message.

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