Digital Tunes System Java Project

  • Ramakrishnav
  • 01 Jul 2018
  • Java

Digital Tunes System Java Project Abstract, Documentation Report, UML, Source Code, Database


Digital Tunes is a Web application which provides an interface for users or music lovers who can shop their favorite CD’s according to price or the film or according to the type of songs whether it is POP, Folk, Ghazal etc. This Application has two modules admin and user module.

Admin can directly login into the application and can add the types of music CD’s based on the Type whether it is devotional or Pop or any other. After giving all the details the CD will be successfully placed. Admin can also view the messages sent by the user and he can also reply accordingly for better and smooth business.

The user needs to be registered and login into the application using his username and password and he can search for the CD’s based on the typical user has an interest whether it may be according to price or according to film or type of songs. The results will be displayed and the user can purchase the products using his credit card. After all, the user can send a message to admin regarding his experience.

Existing System:

The existing Digital Tunes System, the user need to visit the outlets and there is no guarantee that user can find the CD’s according to his need so he needs to wait for a period of time. To avoid the above problem, we come u with this web-based application.

Proposed System:

In the Proposed Digital Tunes System, the user can search for the Cd’s and view accordingly to his interests and if any special is required he can contact the admin by sending a message, so the time will be saved a lot using this web application.

Software Requirements:


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