Finance Management System Java Project

  • Ramakrishnav
  • 01 Jul 2018
  • Java

Finance Management System Java Project Abstract, Documentation, UML, Source Code, Database

Generally, this application deals with the activities done by finance corporation like providing loans for the customers or industries at different interest rate and at different tenure of repayment for each and every person so to complete this whole thing we need an effective and accurate application which can calculate the interest and loan amount from the date of sanction. In this application, we have Master information, Loans Management, Report Generations Modules.

In Master Information if any customer or industry applies for a loan all the details are collected and stored in database details such as employee id, salary, and address of the applicant. This also provides the information regarding loans and their interest rates

In Loan management Module after the loan of the customer is sanctioned after matching the eligibility criteria of the bank and the details of the loan are stored such as loan number, customer number etc.

In report generation module it will print the details of customer loan, interest, employee details etc.

Existing System:

 In the existing System, Everything is done manually like receiving the application, identification, verification etc. this takes much time and effort makes the loan procedure more difficult. So, we proposed this application.

Proposed System:

 In the Proposed system, everything is computerized and the registration, identification process will complete fastly and the approval will be completed in short time.

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