Query Handler System Java Project

  • rajith
  • 29 Jun 2018
  • Java

Query Handler System Java Project Source Code and Database


“Query Handler System” is a web application designed for college students to get clarifies their doubts by posting their queries. The queries posted by the students are handled by the administrator. The administrator answers the queries posted by students.

The query handling system is to provide an environment that is both convenient and efficient for the students and lecturers. It also provides the safety to the information stored, despite system crashes or attempts of unauthorized access. Modifications of answers can be carried out immediately. Faculty can handle a number of student’s requests. This application provides easy maintenance of faculty and student details.

Existing System:

In the existing system, the process of asking the queries is done manually. The student needs to clear their doubts by contacting lecturers personally in the college which takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes students need to face the difficulty in contacting the concerned person. Lecturers mostly face difficulty in handling more students’ requests and difficulty in maintaining frequently asked questions manually.

Proposed System:

The Proposed system provides an efficient way for the students and lectures. This system provides one superuser to control the data, appointing the administrators in each department. The administrator is responsible to answer all the questions posed by students. This system provides faster processing when compared to existing one. This system enables both students and lectures in easily maintain the system. Lectures can easily maintain the frequently asked questions.

Software Requirements:

Hardware Requirements:

Processor-Intel Core, RAM-2 Gb, Hard disk-500 Gb.

Software Requirements:

Operating System-Windows 7/8/10, Front End-HTML, CSS, JavaScript Back End-Oracle, MySql, Language-Java, Server Side Programming Tool-JSP, Web Server-Apache Tomcat.

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