E-Procurement System Java Project

  • rajith
  • 28 Jun 2018
  • Java

E-Procurement System Java Project Code and Database


“E-Procurement” is a web application that maintains considerable information of an E-Commerce Organization mainly related to college which will be helpful for the user to get information regarding available and needed products of different companies including the best price and with the help of these users can get the products without wasting time.

The customer can save time and money which is wasted in traditional shopping system. The customer has to just register with the application by providing some personal and contact details to purchase any product and after that one can log in to the application by providing Login ID and Password. Customers can easily select products from different providers without moving around physically. Advertising on the web can make a big or small firm's promotional message reach out to potential customers all over the world.

Existing System:

This system is a manual system which doesn’t provide secure registration as well as profile management facilities. This system doesn’t provide online purchasing. This system can’t maintain most purchased items and least purchased items. The existing system can’t update the recent items for customers. This system can’t display the products of different companies.

Proposed System:

E-Procurement is a web-based application, which basically works for an E-Commerce organization, which provides details regarding different products available with E-Procurement and also gives information regarding E-Procurement. Secure registration and profile management facilities for customers. This system sends a payment order to the related company and an invoice is received as a reply from that company. It displays the best price or the cheapest price of a product from the available list.

Software Requirements:

Hardware Requirements:

Processor-Intel Core, RAM-2 Gb, Hard disk-500 Gb.

Software Requirements:

Operating System-Windows 7/8/10, Front End-HTML, CSS, JavaScript Back End-Oracle, MySql, Language-Java, Server Side Programming Tool-JSP, Web Server-Apache Tomcat.

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