Catering System Java Console Application

  • rajith
  • 07 Jul 2018
  • Java

Catering System Java Console Application Project Source Code

The main aim of this Java Console Application is to provide catering services to the customers.

Listing Service types included in the project are

Select a Catering service from the given list

1) Add a new catering appointment. 
2) Update Customer Status
3) Working Jobs
4) List all completed jobs still requiring payment
5) List jobs by date
6) Accept Payment
7) Exit

Customer Details Modify

Enter Customer Name
Enter customer Address in a single line
Enter customer Phone Number
Type of food:(Veg/Non-Veg)
Enter the number of people to be served
Enter any special requirements(Enter NA if no special requirements)
Enter appointment date in dd/mm/yyyy format
Enter Time in HH-MM format(24 hrs format)
Enter Servicing Cost
Data Successfully recorded, and here is the recorded data

Display Customer Details

  • Customer Details
  • Cid    CustomerName
  • Customer Address
  • Phone
  • Type of food 
  • Total No.
  • Spcl Req
  • Date
  • Time

Jobs By Date

  • Select one ID of the customer from the below for Payment
  • Amount to be paid
  • Do You want to accept payment?y/n
  • Payment Received, thanks!!!!
  • Payment already Done!

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