Cinema Booking System Java Console Application

  • rajith
  • 07 Jul 2018
  • Java

Cinema Booking System Java Console Application Project Source Code

The main motive of this Java console application is to provide simple Cinema booking management system to the customers.

Movie Admin Menu includes the below functions:

1. Register New Movie
2. Schedule Movie Session
3. Display Movie Listing
4. Display Session Times

1) If we need to register New Movie then we need to enter the below movie details

  • Enter the Movie Title
  • Enter the Movie Synopsis
  • Enter the Release Date
  • Enter the Movie Rating
  • Enter the Movie Genre
  • Enter the Movie Duration
  • Enter the Movie Distributor
  • Enter the Movie Director
  • Enter the MovieDistributor
  • Enter the Billed Cast

2) Select Movie session

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening

Movie Module should have the below:

  • title;
  • rating;
  • duration;
  • synopsis;
  • release date;
  • billedCast;
  • director;
  • genre;
  • distributor;
  • official website;
  • session; 

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