Restaurant Management System Java Project

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  • 07 Jul 2018
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Restaurant Management System Java Project Source Code & MySQL Database

The main aim of developing this project is to provide complete hotel management system using java & MySql database.

The output structure of the project below

HTML Pages

About Page:

Purpose: This page gives information related to the restaurant details viz address and the branch locations. Like when the restaurant was established and who started it and any special listings that the restaurant may have(honors or achievements).

Audience: Open to all the public.


Purpose: This HTML page is the main page of the web application. We can navigate to other HTML pages from this main page. It has information related to the working works displayed and the contact details of the restaurant which allows the customers to approach the management easily.

Audience: Open to all public.

Data fields: All the information related to the restaurant be in text.

Menu page:

Purpose: The purpose of the menu page is to give details with respect to the available food items at the restaurant for dining and take away. All the details will be arranged in section wise pattern so that the customer finds it easy to look and order his dishes.

Audience: Open to all public.

Data fields: Information related to the menu of the restaurant organized into different sections.

Reservation page:

Purpose: This page allows the user book or makes reservations for dinner, lunch, brunch, breakfast. With respect to the business logic, this page offers a provision to edit or delete a previous reservation made when logged in as an employee into the application.

Audience: Open to all public

Data fields: Will have fields like type(a basic drop-down with fields breakfast, dinner, lunch, brunch), the name of the guest, number of guests accompanying and a submit button.

  • Upon filling the details and clicking the submit button the data of the guest will be stored in the database with a unique guest id.
  • When logged in to the application as an employee you have a provision to change the reservation made by the customer.

Validation: All the data fields in the page should be filled.

Employee Login page:

Purpose: This page is exclusively designed for the employees and the future employees of the restaurant to access their details and functionalities. For the current employees, it helps to access their information(personal) and gives the privilege to update the personal information.

  • Employees are classified into three different sections(full-time employee, part-time employee, manager level). Manager level employees are given full access and provided with additional functionalities like making changes to the reservation and menu.

Audience: Open to all public

Data fields: ID


                  Type of employee(radio buttons for type)

                  Submit (radio button)

  • If the type of employee is part-time or full-time after the submit button is clicked they are navigated to a new page with links to access their personal information.
  • Upon clicking personal information you can see the details and can edit the details.
  • If the type of employee is a manager, he/she are navigated to a new page with links to access their personal information, edit the reservation, edit the menu.
  • As a manager, you can edit the reservation by clicking on the edit reservation link and typing their unique guest id.
  • As a manager, you can edit the menu by clicking on the edit menu link and with the help of the name of the dish.
  • Any changes made with respect to the personal details or menu or reservations will be reflected in the database.

Validation: All the data fields should be filled.

Job Application Page:

Purpose: This page serves as a platform to seek the attention of the future employees they can give their details and create an account by filling a form.

Audience: open to the public (intended for future employees)

Data fields: personal details of the future employee viz..

                       Full name:

                       Date of birth:

                       Educational details:


                       Contact details:


  • the user will be directed a page with a link to fill an employment application form. The employee application form contains data fields pertaining to the personal details of the user.

I have developed this web application based on Java (using JSPs).

Help File

DB properties are stored in file.
Please provide Db username, password and URL without changing the key(DB_USER_NAME,DB_PASSWORD &DB_URL)
Restaurant details are saved in file.
Please provide the correct information for the corresponding key.

The sample data is provided in the restaurant_db.sql file.

After providing this information run a project in the server. It will redirect to home page.

Database Details:

Database Name: restaurant

Database Tables below: 

1) employee table

  • empid 
  • fullname
  • dob
  • education
  • experience
  • phoneno
  • address
  • skills
  • username
  • emppassword
  • jobid

Where employee id is the primary key

2) Job table

  • jobid
  • jobtype
  • jobdesc

Where jobid is the PRIMARY KEY

3) Menu table

  • itemName
  • itemDesc
  • cost

4) reservation table


  • reservationid
  • guestname
  • noofguests
  • typeid
  • guestid

Where reservationid is the PRIMARY KEY

5) reservationtype table

  • typeid
  • typename

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