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Download The SQL Engineering Project

Title: End-to-End Hash Logon

Title: End-to-End Hash Logon

This End-to-End Hash Logon code is a sample SQL Project it provides the End-to-End logon process where the user's password is hashed using MD5 and compared to the stored MD5 hash of the password in the SQL database.

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational model database server produced by Microsoft. Its primary query languages are T-SQL and ANSI SQL.

SQL is a standard language for accessing databases.

What is SQL?

* SQL stands for Structured Query Language

* SQL lets you access and manipulate databases

* SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard

SQL is a data manipulation language.

* SQL is not a programming language.

* SQL commands are interpreted by the DBMS engine.

* SQL commands can be used interactively as a query language within the DBMS.

* SQL commands can be embedded within programming languages.

* Data Definition Language (DDL):

* Commands that define a database - Create, Alter, Drop

* Data Manipulation Language (DML)

* Commands that maintain and query a database.

* Data Control Language (DCL)

* Commands that control a database, including administering privileges and committing data.

What Can SQL do?

* SQL can execute queries against a database

* SQL can retrieve data from a database

* SQL can insert records in a database

* SQL can update records in a database

* SQL can delete records from a database

* SQL can create new databases

* SQL can create new tables in a database

* SQL can create stored procedures in a database

* SQL can create views in a database

* SQL can set permissions on tables, procedures, and views

To understand important SQL functions

To understand pseudo columns

Automatically created table, which is part of the data dictionary Contains one row and one column(varchar2(1): value = ‘X’)

Can be used to return constants once, with a SELECT statement Belongs to SYS schema, accessible to all


MICROSOFT SQL SERVER-is a database server created or manufactured by Microsoft. It’s used to perform Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and several tasks in real time environment that are a must. In short it’s a combination of several features which act on data.

SQL Server Profiler is a powerful tool that is available with SQL Server since a long time; however, it has mostly been underutilized by DBA’S. SQL Server Profiler can perform various significant functions such as tracing what is running under the SQL Server Engine’s hood, and finding out how queries are resolved internally and what scripts are running to accomplish any T-SQL command. The major functions this tool can perform have been listed below.

MS SQL SERVER has multiple components that work together in an efficient manner. The components are

1. The Database Engine

2. Integration Services

3. Analysis Services

4. Reporting Services

5. Service Broker

6. Full Text Search

7. Notification Services etc

Many more components do exist other than the above mentioned. But these are the main ones which need to be known for better understanding.

The database engine is the most important component amongst all the components.

What is the database engine-to begin with..

It’s a service.

What does this database engine do- as its functionality?

It takes the responsibility to store the data, safeguard it and most importantly process it. Processing data can be evaluated as making transactions to work quickly, working with objects like creation of tables, views, indexes, stored procedures etc.

The Integration Services-

- often referred to as SSIS (SQL SERVER Integration Services)

What is this integration service and what it has in it..

It’s also a service as mentioned in the name itself. It helps to do import and export functions(to put that in a simple way).

It can be understood as a component to perform extraction and simple loading of data.

Reporting Services-

A service as usual.

What is its use-

It’s considered as a component or a platform to do reporting stuff. Specifically, it’s used to report information from sources and also manage them easily. We can create a mechanism where in data will be retrieved at scheduled intervals through these reports.

Notification Services

The term notification means to notify or announce something .Using this notification services we can develop tools(or applications) that can send announcements .They can also be understood as sending messages to innumerable people based on specific events that take place .

Full Text Search-

It’s used to search data.

But, what is the difference here..

The search is made with simple words, phrases to search data in the SQL SERVER Database. The main advantage of using is it is it makes the query to execute very fast when there are millions of rows unlike normal queries which consume lot of time.

Service Broker

Main use of Service Broker is for supporting queuing & messaging tools(applications).On a broader sense it’s used for communication between databases .

Analysis Services

A very important and core service on which there are many dependencies.

Used for supporting Online Analytical Processing, Data mining etc.

It’s used to analyze huge amounts of data and after analysis information is sent to respective users. Analysis services work together with production databases, data marts, data warehouses possessing both historical and real time data.

download End-to-End Hash Logo project

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