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Title: Air Brake System

Title: Air Brake System


Air brake system consists of the following components:


The compressor generates the compressed air for the whole system.


The compressed air from the compressor is stored in the reservoir.

Unloader Valve:

This maintains pressure in the reservoir at 8bar.When the pressure goes above 8 bar it immediately releases the pressurized air to bring the system to 8-bar pressure.

Air Dryer:

This removes the moisture from the atmospheric air and prevents corrosion of the reservoir.

System Protection Valve:

This valve takes care of the whole system. Air from the compressor is given to various channels only through this valve. This valve operates only at 4-bar pressure and once the system pressure goes below 4-bar valve immediately becomes inactive and applies the parking brake to ensure safety.

Dual Brake Valve:

When the driver applies brakes, depending upon the pedal force this valve releases air from one side to another.

Graduated Hand Control Valve:

This valve takes care of the parking brakes.

Brake Chamber:

The air from the reservoir flows through various valves and finally reaches the brake chamber which activates the S-cam in the brake shoe to apply the brakes in the front


The air from the reservoir flows through various valves and finally reaches the brake chamber, which activates the S-cam in the brake shoe to apply the brakes in the rear.


Air brakes are used in commercial vehicles, which require a heavier braking effort than that can be applied by the drivers foot. The following layout shows the arrangement of the air braking systems in heavy vehicles. Compressed air from compressor passes through the unloader valve and maintains its pressure. This air is stored in the reservoir. From the reservoir it goes to the Brake Chambers through many brake valves. In the brake chamber this pneumatic force is converted into the mechanical force and then it is converted into the rotational torque by the slack adjuster, which is connected to S-cam. This torque applies air brakes. Pipelines connect the brake system components.

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