This Exam Branch Management System project is developed to reduce the overhead involved in the process of maintaining the data and the transaction in Exam branch. It emphasizes on two main concepts of Exam branch that is result analysis and distribution of memos. Result analysis focuses on pass percentage of the class in each subject and the number of students passed in all the subjects. Distribution of memos includes the information regarding the list of students who have taken the memos and the date of receiving.

Existing System

  • Maintaining all the data manually by records.
  • Don’t have Subject wise marks display process in Examination branch related to class or Subject.
  • Each year marks memorandums maintained in a manual records.


  • Take Time consuming process for search memorandums.
  • No Efficiency for usage.
  • Maintaining records as Cost effective.

Proposed System

An application is developed so that the information of the students who have received the memos and the date of issue of their memos is stored.

Along with the pass percentage of every class, we can also view pass percentage of every subject of a class.


Efficiency for users

Less time take to search the particular requirement mean usage time save processing.

System Requirements

Software Requirements:

Operating System                   : Microsoft Windows 2007/XP

Languages                               : Java Programming Language.

Database System                     : MYSQL

Browser                                   : ANY WEB BROWSER

Hardware requirements:

Processor                                 : Standard processor with a speed of 1.8 GHz

RAM                                       : 512 MB RAM

Hard Disk                               : 80 GB

Monitor                                   : Standard color monitor

Keyboard                                : Standard keyboard

Mouse                                     : Standard mouse