Login Screen:

Login Screen

Login to the Daily Expense Management System with email id & password. If you are new user click on register link & register with the system.

Register Screen:

Register Screen

User Registration Screem

Provide First Name, Last Name, Email Id, and Password & Confirm Password to register as a new user with the system.

All the fields are compulsory with regular expression validation for email id & password should be 8 character long.

Expense Manager Screen after login

This screen contain three menus.

  1. Add Daily Expense:- To add new daily expense
  2. View Daily Expense: List of all expenses the logged in user done with delete functionality
  3. Graphical Report: Line Graph to display the expenses.

Add New Daily Expense

Add New Daily Expense


  1. Date of expense DD/MM/YYYY format
  2. Expense For: For what purpose you have done expense
  3. Amount Spend: How much amount you spend
  4. Spend By : Type of money given (Cash,Credit Card, Cheque)
  5. Balance Amount: Last amount you have

Expense List

Expense List1

Expense List:

This will contain all the expense details. Enter your expense id that want to delete & hit the Remove button. That record will get deleted.