Electrical Equipment's Controlling Using PC

Electrical Equipment's Controlling Using PC Project Synopsis, Code, Report and Schematic Diagram


The aim of the EEE project work is to control the appliances through PC. 


Industrial instruments failures have many causes and one of the main causes is overload.  If the current flowing through that instrument is more than the rated current, then immediately the System may burn because of overload, through this project we are controlling the appliances from an overload condition.



The project” ELECTRICAL equipment CONTROLLING  USING PC” has been successfully designed and tested.

Future Enhancement

In this project, we are using the Serial Communication for transmitting the signals to microcontroller from pc.  We can use implement wireless communication between pc and electrical equipment. For this, we can use RF technology. But it covers only few range of distance. Whereas in the place of RF module if we use the latest technology called “Zig-bee” that covers the maximum range than RF.  If there is an extension of the bus station the Zig-bee will able to transmit the address to the receiver station.

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