Flight Reservation System Abstract

  • prashanth
  • 13 Jan 2018
  • Java

Flight Reservation System Java Project Abstract & Synopsis

Project Description:

i.    It is used for tours & travel ticket booking through website and Software Application. The ticket booking website consists of various features such as logging in, booking, fax the tickets and checking the status of your flight.

ii.    The Application that will be tested is the Flight Reservation Application provided by Selenium Webdriver. The application that will be used by travel agents to reserve flights and purchase tickets for individuals

iii.    The application has a security mechanism.

iv.    Flights cannot be reserved in the past. Only future dates can be used to reserve flights

Developer Responsibilities:

• Understanding and analyzing Software Requirements.
• Involvement in User Interface design using HTML, JavaScript and Flash technologies.
• Writing code for User interface functionality and part of Admin interface functionality.
• Involvement in Database design (Creating and Organizing Database Objects)

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