Indian Wild Life Java Project Abstract

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  • 07 Jul 2018
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Indian Wild Life Java Project Abstract & Synopsis

This is a wonderful site to promote, recognize and preservation of India’s wildlife. In addition to raising alertness, it has unique statistics on several rare animals from India along with the insurance of all animal species that roam the forests of India. and will act as a platform for conservationists and ecologists of flora and fauna to provide their current information and trends in this field. It will incubate studies and participation in topics such as animal communications, habitats, health problems of flora and fauna, the effects of global warming and numerous disasters.

Current System:

In recent times, animals are plagued by global warming and, of course, hunters. Humans do not know approximately the use of each animal in their existence, assuming that the eagle can send a signal if there is a dead place in a specific place. Society will not now think about what happens to animals. hundreds of animals die every day for many reasons, such as international warming, hunters, etc., many people are unaware of the behavior and nature of many animals, verbal exchange, and climate comfort.

Proposed System:

In the proposed system, we offer the consumer the ability to understand approximately the information of any animal, it can send any suggestion or it can send a certain video or photographs or presentations to a specific animal.



Basic and advanced administration centers, such as the participants who load/update, creating backups/healing logs, generating various reports, etc.


Users can be any of the government and private corporations, conservationists of flora and fauna, ecologists, veterinarians and wildlife lovers. Cozy registration and profile management facilities for registered taxpayers and authorities and non-governmental corporations. familiarize users with innumerable career opportunities in the natural world, along with a list of universities that confer levels of flora and fauna, scholarships, and certifications. It will paint the present memories of the realization of the natural world with the possibility of users participating in blogs, meetings, stages, conferences and different packages of attention in flora and fauna.

Institution participants (registered users)

For the installation of a panel of reviewers to have a tab in the statistics that are published to the site and choose the appropriate content for publication. In addition, this panel will be responsible for resolving multiple inquiries from customers of the Internet site.


the reports may be in the news and updated information of those days on the site. The reports will be, in these days, completed meetings and workshops of the natural world. publication evaluates facts.

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