Bio-metric based Electronic Voting Machine Using Arduino

Fingerprint Based Electronic Voting Machine Using Arduino Abstract, Code & Document

In this Bio-metric based Electronic Voting Machine project, we are going to use a fingerprint module to check whether a person is authorized or not. If a person is allowed, the only access is given to vote. We are going to use four buttons for four different parts. When a voter presses any of the four buttons, the value of the corresponding vote count increases one at a time. The moderator can press the results button to see the results. When the "result" button is pressed, Arduino processes and calculates the total number of votes for each part and displays them on a 16x2 LCD screen.

This Electronics based embedded project can be very useful for final year students to know how to code using embedded c programming.

Block Diagrams Includes:

  • Fingerprint Module R305
  • Arduino Microcontroller (Atmega 328)
  • 16x2 LCD Display
  • Switches
  • Regulated Power Supply

Software :

  1. Arduino IDE
  2. Embedded CPP code

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