Smart Inventory Management System Java Project Abstract

The main purpose of this framework is to provide a typical interface between the customers of the car parts production organization and the assembly organization in a simple and successful manner.

Existing system:

On delivery days, there is no basic interface between suppliers and customers of a vehicle manufacturing organization. These organizations will keep the data in documents, books, and records separately. There is no legitimate and refreshing instrument for information.

Proposed system:

The proposed framework is a robotic web application for PC. In this application, each merchant and customer of an organization communicate with each other through the server. You are using a unified database for data storage. In addition, it is also providing a typical interface.


1. Administrator module.
2. Module Area / Production Manager.
3. Enter the analyzer module.
4. Provider module.

Supervisor Module:

  • The administrator is having the benefits of including, updating, and excluding merchants.
  • He can download offers.
  • You can give the traders permits to quote for a specific delicacy.
  • He can get the offers quoted by the merchants.
  • It can erase superfluous traders, in addition.
  • It can retrieve a wide range of data.

Zone / Production Manager module:

  • Manage generation management, including manufactured items, deliverables, and items that will be produced.
  • You can access the administration of terms that customers execute for things that can be delivered.
  • He can produce the accounts in the light of several criteria.

Report Analyzer Module:

  • In this, the administrator and the different clients of this structure will produce some data and can download this data to an XL sheet or to a PDF document or record.

Seller module:

  • You are ready to enlist in this structure.
  • Create, update, and delete administrators.
  • Statements capable of specific delicacy.
  • He can see the deliveries and ready to convey things.

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