Smarter Space Management System Java Project Abstract

The main purpose of this Smarter Space Management System Java Project is to provide a mediation interface between the different factories, suppliers, and mediators who will carry the inventory and store in their warehouses and send them to the suppliers when needed.


Many factories will keep their product from their warehouses until they are added to suppliers. each time the supplier wants the action, the factories will forward the requested actions to the suppliers.

Existing App:

Within the current machine, factories must preserve a variety of warehouses to store inventory. For this, they need to make investments with this. These are futile investments and they should do more work for this. This will require mediation between manufacturing facilities and the supplier to save time and area.

Proposed App:

Within the proposed device, there are intermediary control agencies of warehouses. They will carry the inventory of the factories and send the shares to the suppliers. they could check the supply of the specified area online and send the inventory. is a web application that automates all operations and maintains a centralized database.


  1. Administrator module.
  2. warehouse supervisor module.
  3. Distributor / provider.
  4. Accounting module.
  5. Inventory manager module.

Administrator Module:

  • He owns the warehouses that maintain the corporation.
  • It can create, replace, and delete warehouses.
  • It is capable of creating, updating and eliminating warehouse managers, inventory managers, and accountants.
  • He is able to assign managers to unique warehouses.
  • It is able to generate reports mainly based on different standards and export to XL sheet.

Warehouse supervisor module:

  • will provide the right of entry for operators as well as for suppliers.
  • obtain inventory/goods from transporters.
  • preserve internal records.
  • Obtain the supplier’s order and respond to that request.
  • generate reports based entirely on internal statistics and export to MS XL sheet.

Inventory Manager Module:

  • Able to obtain the right of entry into the details of the game, such as the availability of space.
  • Obtain the seller’s order and respond to that request.
  • keep reduction data such as area, stock, etc.

Accounting module:

  • You will receive the entry in addition to the statistics.
  • generate payments for internal inventory and external stock.
  • Keep payment records.

Distributor Module:

  • each provider, in addition to suppliers, can register this utility.
  • The distributor can check the availability of space.
  • the provider can deliver the request so that space is available.
  • the supplier can see if the stock he ordered should have or not more
  • the distributor may place an order for the specified stocks/items.
  • The supplier, in addition to the distributor, can account for the use of specific functions.
  • Both can generate reports as well as manufactured items, the inventory entered and the export to XL sheet.

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