Smarter Work Management System Project Abstract


The main reason for this smarter job control application is to provide adequate communication and workflow between the groups for the consultancies that can be part of the development of a company module provided by the organization.


All software program companies will get the projects and can distribute their work modules to other small agencies, along with consulting corporations, to reduce their work in height cases, which consists of q-iv.

Current System:

It’s a manual way. They need to understand this type of advice and give paintings to their tasks. There is not a proper conversation between them and they can not observe the time and the working time.
In this way, it does not provide security.

Proposed System:

This is the internet software on which the experts will register. Companies will assign initiatives to consultants based on their skills and their tuning file. This is an automation system. You are using a centralized database to provide protection.


1. Administrator module.
2. Connection module.
3. Question module.

Administrator Module:

  • Create, improve and eliminate customer capacity.
  • He can give access to consultancies.
  • He can assign projects to customer capacity.
  • able to generate reports based entirely on different standards and export these details to any xl pdf report sheet.

Connection module:

  • You can assign appointment modules to specialists.
  • supervise your work.
  • will oversee your record audits, such as working time and workflow.
  • able to generate reports based entirely on distinctive patterns and export this information to any xl sheet of the pdf document.

Question Module:

  • These consultants may be registered in this utility.
  • Create your consulting clients.
  • control the task modules.
  • keep audit details about the beginning of the work session.

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