Online Information System related to Cases, Customers and Lawyers Java Project Abstract

The summary of this project is to build a data structure to assist lawyers in the accumulation of information that is identified with the time spent by their workers in cases assigned from now to the company. This is mainly identified with the reps who work off the site so that reports can be created to decide if the team is working as indicated by the relegated goals.


The current system is maintained using a common approach where all data is stored in records and records. Searching for the required data is repetitive. Regularly, the information is a mistake and this causes irregularities and misfortunes in the information. It is difficult to trace the subtle elements of the work assigned to each legal adviser and to audit the status of each case.


The proposed system is an online application and maintains a joint-store of all data identified with cases, clients, and legal advisors. This helps in the powerful and competent administration of the data. The system allows you to quickly visualize the vital points of interest and access the data. The structure also maintains subtle elements of a case-bound background, which may help the association to control new cases. The chart allows for the maintenance of the spreadsheets of each legal advisor.


It is proposed that the structure have the MODULES that accompany it:

  1. Administrator module
  2. The module of lawyers

Administrator module:

The executive has all the information about the association. The supervisor can include, delete, change and view the points of interest of clients and legal counsel. The president can assign cases to legal counselors. The executive can see the points of interest in each case. The director can also manage fees and carry subtle elements of each case. The president will keep the data on each legal counselor’s spreadsheet.

Legal Adviser Module:

A legal counselor enlisted the request. A legal consultant can access the application and can see the points of interest of the cases assigned to one. A legal advisor can also assess the time needed to spend in each case and enter the important points of interest.

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