Blood Donor Central Database and Web-Portal Java Project Abstract


The goal is to build a framework through which a client can transmit and obtain information about blood donors or specific blood donation associations. For assuming that the Red Cross is an association that gives blood to groups of people and to any association. Through our application, we provide the subtle elements of blood donors and the points of interest of blood donation associations such as healing centers, facilities, and blood donation centers. To do this, we keep the database unified to save points of interest from blood donors and associations. Through our website, we can deliver the proposals to the benefactor or specific associations. Our site also offers all ordinary citizens to participate as a donor.


By introducing the picture, it is difficult to organize the points of interest of blood donors or any blood donation association. Often, to get the subtle elements of the donors or any blood donation association, we have to physically search or have to look in the magazines; however, it is a tedious process and requires a lot of extra effort, so we can not get points of interest from benefactors or associations within an agile period. Donors cannot communicate with some associations.


The proposed structure maintains a joint database to store data identified with blood donors and blood donor associations. The framework that is maintained implies that it organizes the subtle elements of donors and associations in one place. The structure allows access to data on specific collaborators or associations. Non-users can cooperate with our structure and can derive subtle elements from contributors and associations. Through our structure, the non-user can also progress to become a benefactor.


  1. Administrator.
  2. Donor.
  3. Organizations.
  4. Non User.

(1) Administrator:

The administrator will keep the entire application. It can simply include the New States, New Cities, New Blood Groups, and Organizations on the Blood Donor Portal. You can see all the points of interest of collaborators and associations, and you can also send proposals to donors and associations. You can update, delete points of interest from the site profile. The Administrator will grant authorizations for donors and associations to log on to our site.

(2) Doner:

A donor is a man who is prepared to administer blood, so he must first be registered on the Blood Donor Portal, indicating his name, contact number, blood collection and date of the last gift, among others. You can see the administrator’s recommendations and the alternate providers in the Portal that are sent to you. You can also send recommendations to the Administrator and to different donors.

(3) Organizations:

In the event that any Organization gives the general public presentation of persons in need of blood, the Organization shall cooperate with the Administrator, whereby the Administrator shall give the ID and PWD to a particular Organization by including it in the Portal. of the blood donor. site

Here, the Organizations can be Hospitals, Blood Banks and Clinics committed to our application. Our site maintains all the points of interest of the Organizations. Through this, the non-client can, without great effort, discover the subtle elements of specific associations and then contact the associations for their points of interest.

(4) No Users:

The non-user is the individual who needs the blood. The non-user can consult with the blood donor indicating the appropriate state, city and blood group on our site.

Likewise, you can consult associations such as hospitals, blood banks and clinics that point out points of interest. In case the non-user needs to close as a donor, you can register on our site. Non-user can send any compass to the Administrator.

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