Online Picture Management Java Project Abstract


Online image tracking is a social networking site. The main aim of this project is to share photos, videos. Here we must offer the automatic labeling of images and videos and categories.

Existing System:

In the existing system scenario, humans talk to one another about the use of image sharing, movies. regularly, will make it difficult for someone to tune into the place of other known humans and change perspectives and photos, movies. Sometimes, the snapshots, the movies traded by these methods will not reach the intended recipient. A regularly critical statement may be missing.

Proposed System:

The proposed gadget is a web-based utility and holds all the facts about photos, movies. The site must have the capabilities to analyze vehicle snapshots, search-based movies, etc. we are able to track the percentage of information.

  • sharing of photographs, films
  • Suggest the problem of another person and increase it with additional tests, information and many others.
  • ask for a debate or online dialogue on safe topics of great applicability


The system proposes the following modules:

1. Popular User
2. Application Administrator

Popular User module:

Standard consumers share the films, the images must offer for automatic labeling of photos and videos and categorize them. Customers should be able to add content, load small chunks of new features, and toggle their share of the site online. Depending primarily on the dynamic content material collaborated with customers, the site must have the characteristics to analyze topics, group discussions, automatically recommend the topic based on surveys, etc.

Application Administrator module:

Comments to the site administrator. Operational reviews to make the website online higher in the future. should have the ability to label offenders from the social field using their uid, authenticity to include clients is extremely vital for this type of website. Absolutely, you should not have multiple profiles now, user validation should be achieved through the use of e-mail identification.

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