E-Learning Resource Locator Java Project Abstract

The purpose of the application is to build a system that allows customers to keep a friendship with different customers and allow them to talk to each other, exchanging messages, images, etc. The objective is to describe a framework for monitoring informal organization and forging connections.


In the current situation, people talk to each other using traditional techniques, for example, messages, phone calls, and messages. Frequently, it is clearly problematic for someone to treat the location of other known individuals and prospects and business messages. Here and there, messages marketed through these strategies may not reach the intended recipient. Regularly vital correspondence may be lost.


The proposed framework is an online application and maintains a set file of all data. The framework offers a license to locate your current and previous companions, presenting some points of interest such as the name. The framework provides help for online groups so that customers can generate individual connections and maintain social textures. The framework provides several interfaces through which one can send messages or be interested in discussions and other related exercises.


This application comprises the following modules.

  1. Administrator module
  2. Student
  3. College
  4. Report module.

1. Administrator:

The administrator can generate reports. Shared logs and a media library are provided that can help a subscriber’s dynamic learning. The boss will give customers a substantial use of the free and secret word to log in making their individual profile.

2. Student:

The student can choose the courses, follow the instructions, take the exam and see their participation records. The course of subtle elements, etc. according to your accommodation. Students can exchange messages; You see, the alternatives can change the secret key in addition.

3. School:

Colleges can locate conferences, send assignments, statements, evaluate answer sheets, and can also transfer addresses and different speeches in different organizations, such as recordings, Powerpoint presentations.

4. Report:

In this module, the distinctive characters on the screen can produce various types of reports as indicated by their functions.

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