Daily Expense Management System

Login Screen: Login to the Daily Expense Management System with email id & password. If you are new user click on register link & register with the system. Register Screen: Provide First Name, Last Name, Email Id, and Password & Confirm Password to register as a new user with the system. All the fields are(…)

Sports Den Java Project

The application we have proposed is “SportsDen” There are different users’ i.e., the player and the player. The User can create username and password. He also has the right to add or modify the given username and password. Using this username and password, a user can login to the system. The first procedure is the(…)

Exam Branch Management System

Abstract: This Exam Branch Management System project is developed to reduce the overhead involved in the process of maintaining the data and the transaction in Exam branch. It emphasizes on two main concepts of Exam branch that is result analysis and distribution of memos. Result analysis focuses on pass percentage of the class in each subject(…)

Hotel Management System

Hotel management System is a real time java project. modules implemented in this project are below: Modules 1.Super admin Module 2. Admin Module 3.Travel Agency 4.Government Hotel management System is SAAS Application; every hotel we will give only username and password they will access our Domain. Supper admin he creates and deletes and Renewals subscription(…)

Android Projects

Android Projects City bus management Accident Alert Budget Analysis Free SMS Mobile Service Shopping Mart Search your Doctor Quit Smoking Alumni Portal App SMS Scheduling Multi Format Player Auto SMS Image Editor Online Banking System Location Tracking Do Not Disturb Call History Analyzer Internet radio Incoming and Outgoing call recorder Bus Seat Booking Energy Billing(…)

Java Projects

Java Projects S.No Project Name Demo 1. Ad Express Management System  Video 2. Finance Corporation System  Video 3. Automated Sports Club 4. Computer Telephony Integration System  Video 5. Computer to Computer Learning System  Video 6. Conversation Portal  Video 7. Finance Management System 8. Crime File Management 9. Hotel Management System  Video 10. Automotive price Aggregator(…)